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Introducing the Gosia Baczyńska “My Way” Collection by Paradyz at Encore Gallery

At Encore Gallery, we pride ourselves on bringing the intersection of haute couture and interior design to your home. Our stunning tile collections, curated from Europe’s top fashion designers, are a testament to this commitment. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the My Way collection by one of Poland’s most celebrated fashion designers, Gosia Baczyńska.

Gosia Baczyńska has spent over 20 years creating styles that break barriers and enchant with their sensuality. Her work, characterized by meticulous attention to detail, precision, and visionary design, extends beyond the catwalk and into the world of interior design with her first collection of ceramic tiles. The Gosia Baczyńska “My Way” collections from Paradyz delight with their originality, rich textures, and innovative color schemes, setting new trends in the world of interior design.

Baczyńska’s seven luxurious collections under the Paradyz brand – Mystic Shadows, Night Queen, Sleeping Beauty, Fashion Spirit, Unique Lady, Cold Princess, and Noisy Whisper – are a designer’s interpretation of the sensual cuts, textures, and colors found on catwalks worldwide. These collections draw inspiration from haute couture’s most distinctive features: pleats, satin, lace, gold, silver, and sequins, all infused with Baczyńska’s unique style. Let’s delve into some of these captivating ceramic tile collections & how the different interior design approaches you can take with each:

Create an Industrial Interior Style with the Elegance & Shimmer of The Night Queen Collection

Inspired by the allure of catwalk styles and the majesty of the night, this collection infuses spaces with elegance and innovation. The textures mimic delicate fabrics in motion, reflecting bold, dynamic energy. Whether gracing a luxurious bathroom, a captivating kitchen, or a grand accent wall, Night Queen tiles transform ordinary spaces into realms of regal beauty and industrial elegance. Embrace the future—let your home become a personal manifesto of bold sophistication.

Add Harmony to Your Home or Commercial Space Design with the Tranquil Beauty of the Mystic Shadows Collection

Elevate your living spaces with tranquility and elegance using these stunning wall tiles that effortlessly merge fashion-inspired aesthetics with practicality. Reminiscent of delicate sandstone, these state-of-the-art tiles offer a harmonious blend of form and function, transforming any room into a sanctuary of timeless beauty. The warm, beige sandstone infuses a touch of minimalist boho character, while the shimmering mosaic with hints of platinum adds a touch of opulence. The versatility of the Mystic Shadows collection allows it to serve as the main feature within a space or as a neutral foundation to enhance more bold design elements you want to incorporate into your home.

Add Drama and Sophistication to Your Interiors with the Cold Princess Collection

The Cold Princess collection features a striking array of white, gray, and black ceramic wall tiles, enhanced with structural elements like striped tiles and an ornate jewel-like plume structure. These versatile tiles can be arranged to spectacular effect, whether in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or office. Envision the sophisticated drama of light and shadow playing across the surfaces, bringing a contemporary edge to minimalist designs. At Encore Gallery, we believe your home is your stage – bring the art of high fashion design into your interiors and transform your space into a masterpiece of style and sophistication.

Explore More from the My Way Ceramic Tile Collection

In addition to the highlighted collections above, the Gosia Baczyńska My Way series offers other stunning designs to explore: Sleeping Beauty, Unique Lady, Noisy Whisper, and Fashion Spirit. Each of these collections embodies Baczyńska’s unique style and haute couture inspiration, providing a diverse range of options to suit any interior design vision.

Experience the My Way Collection at Encore Gallery

Invite the latest fashion of interiors into your home with the Gosia Baczyńska Paradyz Ceramic Tile collections from Encore Gallery. Stop into one of our three home design centers in Chicagoland to see the Baczyńska collections and other modern, European tile selections for yourself. 

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