The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Large Format Tiles

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Large-format tiles are a popular choice among homemakers and homeowners these days and for all the right reasons.

From giving your small space the illusion of enhanced space to creating seamless surfaces to ensure easy maintenance and hygiene, large format tiles bring the best of both worlds to your home – practicality, and durability. However, like everything else, there are some factors that you will need to decide while choosing the right large format tiles for your home.

Our guidelines will help you narrow down your decision. From choosing the right style and size to installation guidelines to color options and patterns, you can achieve the look and feel for your home that you have been thinking of with our comprehensive guide

Large Format Tiles
What is the size of a Large-Format Tile?
Large-format tiles that exceed the average 12″×12″ sized tile. Large-Format tiles are available in square or rectangular shapes and can be as large as 40″×120″

Decide on your Large-Format Style

Large Format Tiles - Marble look

First, you will have to figure out the style you wish to have to create the look you wish to achieve. As tiles occupy most of your home, you will need to give due consideration in choosing their style. Keep in mind the aesthetic and feel that you wish to give off with your space. From chic and contemporary to classic and timeless to modern and unique, you can create whichever style you like with the help of Encore’s huge inventory of large format tiles.

These tiles are perfect for both the walls and floors. You will have to decide whether you wish to create a seamless look and keep the walls and floors the same, or you can mix and match different designs for creating a unique and outstanding style. It all comes down to your preference and the theme of your home.

Deciding the Color and Pattern for your Theme

Large Format Ceramic Tile -Wall

Once you have decided on the style, you will have to choose the colors and patterns that match your overall theme.
Go for the colors that will either compliment or contrast with the overall theme of your home. You could also go for contrasts or complimenting colors. Besides colors, you will also have to decide on a pattern. We have both strong and prominent patterns, as well as blended and subtle patterns. Please choose whatever you think compliments your interior best.
We recommend you to go for subtle patterns in closed spaces like bathrooms and kitchen to avoid the space feeling overwhelming. Alternatively, you can use the bold patterns in spacious rooms like the living room where they wont overwhelm the onlooker and would rather create a focal point. However is it wise to keep a balance between the colors and patterns in order to create a harmonious interior look.

The relation between Tiling Space Size and Tile Proportion

Colors - Large Format Tiles

The next factor in our guide is the relationship between the tile proportion and tiling space size. In order to minimize cutting and wasting of tiles, you will have to choose the right proportion of the tiles according to your area. Although our large format tiles can be used in any space, small or large, but choosing their size according to the dimensions of your space is very crucial. It is recommended that you create a dimensioned sketch of your floorplan before going to the showroom so that you can choose the tiles effortlessly.

Large-Format Tiles: Installation Guidelines

Large Format Tiles - Floor

The next factor to consider is installation. Although large-format tiles can create a seamless and uniform look, their installation is a bit challenging. Due to the large single tile size, they are heavier, which makes them hard to handle. So, you will have to keep in mind the space you want to cover with these tiles before you decide on their size.
The grout you use for their installation is also crucial. You will also have to consider lippage in your space before deciding on these tiles, or the edges may give you a hard time in leveling. You can consult our expert team to get help on the installation of these tiles depending upon your area and requirements.
The large-format tiles we offer in our store make your space look bigger, so if you are looking for a way to your room look, then we recommend you to explore this collection. We ensure that you will find suitable colors and patterns to enhance your space. Besides, our versatile and multipurpose large format tiles allow you to redesign any space, from the kitchen to bathroom to countertops and work tables, you name it.
You can get further help from our hospitable team at Encore’s showroom, who will assist you in choosing the right tiles for creating seamless and uniform surfaces according to your requirement and available space. These tiles make an amazing choice as they are easier to clean and hygienic as well as have reduced installation time.
Visit our tile showroom to have a look at our huge range of large format tile collections, where our professional staff will love to help you create the perfect and cozy interior space for your beloved home.

Invest some time exploring our extensive large-format tile collection and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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