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Are you planning to remodel your bathroom or kitchen? Do you plan to add a chic and contemporary touch to your home?

The millennials are always on the lookout for lending their homes aesthetic feel with a refreshing twist. Fortunately, Encore Gallery brings you the incomparable yet affordable range of tiles to remodel your home according to your dreams.

We bring you elegant and classic living room tiles along with porcelain tiles for bathroom, kitchen floor tiles, bedroom tiles, outdoor/patio tiles, and more.

What is particularly popular at the moment is our range of Contemporary Tiles! You got it right; these tiles bring the ultimate contemporary feel to your home.

They can be used for remodeling your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. However, some of our clients are also using these tiles for bathroom remodeling, and the results are mind-blowing so far.

Encore Gallery has become the most loved supplier of tiles in Chicago. Our hospitable and expert team loves to guide you through the steps of remodeling your home, particularly the bathroom, and brings you the latest assortment of contemporary bathroom tiles for that matter. With us, you can rest assured that your dream bathroom will soon become a reality!

We bring a touch of Luxe Modernity to your Bathroom!

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Modern Pearl – Contemporary Tile Collection

Encore Gallery has made thousands of bathroom remodeling possible, making each one of them look modern and outstanding in their way. We aim to provide the best quality contemporary tiles to perfectly realize your dreams.
What makes our bathroom tiles so popular is the fact that we pay attention to detail. Each and every tile in our collections is made to perfection and will bring durability and luxurious modernity to your bathroom.

Choosing the Rights Tiles for Your Bathroom

Porcelain Tiles
The most preferred choice of bathroom tiles are the porcelain tiles. As these tiles are denser and durable when compared to their ceramic counterparts, they make for the obvious superior choice for a bathroom remodeling. These tiles are available in various finish options as well from matt to polish to semi-polish, which means you are at absolute liberty to choose the finish you like. These tiles make for the perfect choice for both walls and the floor.

Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic tiles are another most loved ones when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Dating back to Roman and Greek times, mosaic art has been used to decorate palaces and temples. This art is still used in highlight spaces in a larger area. For instance, they can be used to highlighting an area in your bathroom by create a feature wall and more. These tiles bring various possibilities to your design and remodeling in a very contemporary way.

Floor Tiles
Another important aspect of bathroom remodeling is choosing the floor tiles. Encore brings you an exclusive range of both the floor and wall tiles in various modern colors, textures, and even sizes right here in our Chicago showroom. You can mix and match tiles from our wide range of collections to create the bathroom of your dreams with the help of our experienced staff’s guidance. We are the suppliers of the best contemporary tiles for modern bathrooms in Chicago and will bring luxury to one of the most important parts of your home – the bathroom!

Our contemporary bathroom tiles are easier to clean and maintain, ensuring that your bathroom remains squeaky clean for years to come with minimal effort on your part. You will not see any fading colors or even texture for years and years hence maintaining the luxurious feel of your bathroom!

Encore Gallery is the most reliable contemporary tiles provider in Chicago as we deliver you with the most durable tiles together with our proficient services to make your bathroom look exceptional. Our contemporary tiles will provide the perfect luxurious feel to your home walls and flooring while bringing robustness and power to your structure.

Why Encore for Bathroom Remodeling with Contemporary Tiles?

Encore has been developed with the vision and aims to deliver luxurious tile designs that bring structural integrity for bringing structural power and aesthetics to your home remodeling projects. With a strong presence in Chicago, we bring you the ultimate collections of contemporary tiles to make your bathroom stand out and remain functional yet beautiful for years to come.
Bringing our extensive experience in the world of tiles to the expanding Chicago market helps the residents give a touch of luxe modernity to their remodeling projects.

Our wide-ranging knowledge base, when it comes to the top-notch remodeling products and tiles that have developed over the years of being in the tile supplying world, has augmented our expertise exceptionally. We are more than happy to share these tiles with our clients across Chicago for amazing remodeling ideas and results.
Visit our Chicago tile showroom to have a look at our huge range of contemporary tile collections, large format tile collections, and much more. Our professional and hospitable team awaits to help you create the perfect interior space for your sweet home! Contact us for any questions and queries, and we shall get back to your ASAP!

Contemporary Tiles FAQs

Which tiles are the best for floors?

One of the most important aspects of choosing floor tiles is to consider where these tiles will be used. For instance, if you choose tiles for the floor of your shower area, you may want to get textured non-slippery tiles to prevent failing in the shower.

When it comes to design, floors are better off with plain tiles, or minimal natural designs. Go for the marble effect or wood effect designs tiles, as they would look just perfect in your bathroom.

How to calculate the number of tiles needed for remodeling your bathroom?

First of all, measure the size of your bathroom if you don’t already know it. You will have to add an allowance for breakage and cutouts while calculating the number of tiles you will need. Adding 5% more tiles to your existing space is generally enough for a bathroom. However, if your bathroom is in an irregular shape, you will need more tiles as the cutout ratio might increase in this case. In such a case, add a 15% surplus to prevent material shortage during installation.

Is there any difference between the floor tiles and wall tiles? Can floor tiles be used for walls and vice versa?

Floor tiles are made to be more robust and durable so that they can endure heavy foot traffic. While the wall tiles are much lighter and thinner as well as easier to install. Some of the floor tiles can be used on the walls as well. However, it is recommended to consult a professional before choosing the floor tiles for your walls.
On the other hand, it is not recommended to use the wall tiles on floors as they are not designed for bearing all the foot traffic and may break away. Moreover, the wall tiles are usually designed with more decorative purposes and finishes rendering them impractical for the floors.

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