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Design Trends with Monika Jelska for Spring Renovations with Encore Gallery

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of renewal and transformation—not just in nature but within our homes and workspaces. As we step into the vibrant season, many of us are considering refreshing our living environments. That’s why we’ve turned to one of our esteemed design experts, Monika Jelska – a revered interior and architectural designer -  to illuminate the path of interior design for 2024. With spring's arrival signaling a time for refreshing our living spaces, understanding the forthcoming trends becomes paramount for those planning changes or upgrades to their environments.

Introducing Monika Jelska of MJ Studio 

Monika Jelska, the founder of MJ Studio, brings a rich tapestry of experience and passion to the world of architecture and interior design. Hailing from Poland, her early encounters with Europe's historic architecture sparked a lifelong pursuit of creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. With a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Cracow University of Technology and over a decade of experience in the industry, Monika has honed her skills in both commercial and residential design. Her approach weaves together her love for architecture and interior design, enabling her to transform any space into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

With this backdrop of expertise and passion, let’s delve into the insights Monika shared about the anticipated design trends for 2024.


Spring 2024 Design Trends with Monika Jelska

Encore Gallery: As a designer, a new year brings new opportunities for creativity and expression with the design of our living spaces. There are probably many trends on the rise right now. As we plan our spring renovations, what are some of the top, overall trends to look out for, or consider this year?

Monika Jelska: As a designer, spring brings an array of exciting trends and opportunities for refreshing living spaces. One notable trend this year is the growing popularity of biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements into interior spaces to promote well-being and connection with nature. From indoor greenery to natural materials like wood and stone, embracing biophilic design can create a harmonious and rejuvenating environment in any home or commercial space.

ENCORE GALLERY: Encore Gallery specializes in materials imported from Europe. Many American home or business owners may not be quite as familiar with these products. Can you tell us a little bit about what excites you in these European styles and how they can be incorporated into American home or commercial design? 

Monika Jelska: European styles offer a wealth of inspiration with their emphasis on quality craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and innovative design. Whether it's luxurious Italian porcelain slabs, sleek Scandinavian furniture, or avant-garde French textiles, incorporating European elements into American design adds a touch of sophistication and international flair. By blending European materials with local influences, homeowners and businesses can create truly unique and captivating spaces that reflect their individuality.


The Art of Tiles in Design

Encore Gallery: Let’s talk tiles! What are the new ways tiles are being incorporated into design today? What kinds of patterns or styles do you recommend for 2024?

Monika Jelska: Tiles are being incorporated into design in innovative ways, reflecting current trends and evolving preferences. One notable trend is the use of tiles beyond traditional applications such as floors and walls. Designers are experimenting with tiles as decorative accents, creating intricate patterns and feature walls that add visual interest and depth to a space. Additionally, tiles are being used to create statement pieces such as backsplashes, countertops, and even furniture, showcasing their versatility and ability to elevate the overall design aesthetic. Furthermore, tiles with unique shapes, textures, and finishes are gaining popularity, allowing for creative expression and personalized design schemes. Overall, the new ways tiles are being incorporated into design today emphasize creativity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, offering endless possibilities for enhancing interior and exterior spaces alike.


Encore Gallery: There’s been a lot of buzz about the large format tile as a new trend over the last few years. Can you tell us more about the design power of the large format slabs and give us some ideas on how they can be incorporated into the home or office space in unique ways?


Monika Jelska: When it comes to tiles, versatility and creativity are key. In 2024, we're seeing a resurgence of bold patterns, vibrant colors, and unconventional shapes in tile design. From geometric motifs to artisanal textures, there are many possibilities for making a statement with tiles in any space. Large format tiles offer a contemporary aesthetic and seamless appearance, ideal for creating expansive and visually impactful surfaces in both residential and commercial settings. Speaking specifically about 24x48 tiles, Encore Gallery offers a stunning selection that I'm impressed with. One standout is the MONET BLUE tile, which features a light blue base with striking veins of dark grey/blue and brownish gold. It's bold, beautiful, and truly a piece of art that can elevate any space. Additionally, the GRAND CAVE tile is my universal favorite. Its natural stone-like appearance provides a beautiful canvas for unique design concepts, making it a versatile and timeless choice for various design projects.

MONET BLUE collection
Modern Bathroom Design by Monika Jelska featuring GRAND CAVE tiles from Encore Gallery
HORIZON GOLD collection

Kitchen Trends and Beyond

Encore Gallery: When spring comes around, many might be getting around to that kitchen renovation that they’ve been putting off. What are some new kitchen concepts that you are especially excited about?

Monika Jelska: In the realm of kitchen design, black is the new white. Bold and sophisticated, black kitchens exude modern elegance and make a striking statement. Contrary to popular belief, black is a timeless choice that adds depth and drama to any kitchen space. Whether it's sleek black cabinetry, matte black fixtures, or black marble countertops, incorporating this trend can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a sense of luxury and refinement.

Modern Kitchen with black design elements by Monika Jelska


Encore Gallery: Any tips for flooring? The flooring color trends change every few years. What are some of the top styles to consider for the near future?

Monika Jelska: As for flooring, natural and earthy tones are making a comeback. Warm neutrals like beige, taupe, and terracotta are popular choices for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, sustainable flooring options such as reclaimed wood and recycled carpet are gaining traction, reflecting a growing emphasis on eco-friendly design practices. By choosing sustainable materials, homeowners can reduce their environmental footprint while adding character and charm to their spaces.

Encore Gallery: A lot of professionals in the design space are talking more and more about the importance of sustainability - how can we incorporate more sustainable choices in our home renovations and/or invite nature within?

Monika Jelska: Incorporating sustainable choices into home and commercial space renovations is not only environmentally responsible but also adds value and longevity to the space. One fascinating sustainable option gaining popularity is the use of moss walls. These natural installations bring the beauty of nature indoors, enhancing aesthetics while improving air quality and reducing noise pollution. Additionally, within the tile industry, many manufacturers prioritize sustainability in their production processes by offering recycled materials and implementing energy-efficient practices. Other notable sustainable options include energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly flooring materials, low-VOC paint choices, efficient HVAC systems, water-saving fixtures, and selecting furniture and decor made from responsibly sourced materials. By embracing these sustainable choices, homeowners and businesses can create environmentally friendly spaces that promote well-being, conserve resources, and contribute to a greener future.

Encore Gallery: Spring is time for renewal. Many homeowners may want to start completely fresh and introduce something unique into their homes, to enhance their expression of style. For those who dare to be bold with their design this year, what is your number one choice from Encore Gallery?

Monika Jelska: For those seeking to make a bold statement in their design endeavors this year, my top recommendation from Encore Gallery would be porcelain slabs such as Santos, Ocean Blue, Thunderstorm, or Magellano. These striking slabs, characterized by bold colors and patterns, have the potential to serve as remarkable statement pieces in both residential and commercial settings. Whether incorporated into kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces, or feature walls, these daring porcelain slabs from Encore Gallery can truly elevate the expression of style in any space.

Encore Gallery: And for those seeking just a subtle refresh this spring – is there anything you’d recommend?

Monika Jelska: Incorporating new lighting fixtures from Encore Gallery into a spring home refresh can dramatically enhance the overall ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the space. From statement pendant lights to ambient, task, and accent lighting, these fixtures offer versatility and functionality. Whether updating indoor spaces or extending the refresh to outdoor areas, choosing unique and stylish lighting options can transform the look and feel of your home, adding both beauty and functionality.

GEOMETRIC by Encore Lights
RITZ by Encore Lights
LOZANNA by Encore Lights

If you're inspired to integrate these dynamic trends into your home or commercial space, Encore Gallery stands ready to guide you. Our extensive collection of European tiles, lighting solutions, flooring options, kitchen cabinetry, and more, makes us your gateway to a transformed environment, blending elegance, functionality, and a touch of international flair. Let us assist you in discovering how these trends can invigorate your spaces, creating settings that not only embody the forefront of design but also echo your personal style and sustainability values.

To begin your journey of transformation, schedule an appointment with us and explore the possibilities that await.

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