Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles

The benefit of large slab tiles and panels.

Due to technological advancement in the tile manufacturing industry, large format tiles are now available and are  not only practical but also an ideal flooring option for residential and commercial properties.

From our simple yet sophisticated Aulla Collection, to the on-point and trendy Epoxy Collection to the regal and exotic Persian Tale Collection, Encore Gallery brings you an exceptional range of large format tiles that you can never go wrong with!

With such a vast range of selection available, there are a few points that you will need to consider for narrowing down your decision criteria. From color options to patterns and textures to the shape and sizes available, you can achieve the look and feel for your home that you have been thinking of with the help of Encore Gallery!

Our large format tiles showroom is fully stocked to choose from merely lavish to trendy large format tiles.

Large Format Ceramic Tiles - Marble Look

How Should You Choose the Right Large Format Tiles for Your Home?


When it comes to your tile selection process, it is ideal to start with the style you want to achieve for your home. Tiles are a major part of any home that greatly influence and aesthetic and style of your space and interior. Large-format tiles are the perfect choice for lending your interiors uncompromised style.
For instance, if you are looking for a contemporary style, then going with the Epoxy Tiles that mimic the marble effect and provides a subtle backdrop for your furnishings and decorations. On the other hand, if you wish for a timeless style, go for Encore’s Aulla Collection, which is elegance and personified.
In short, choose the style and precedence that you want to set within your home interior, and then you can choose the large format tiles for your flooring accordingly.

Large-format tiles: pleasing colors and pattern:

The next important features to finalize are the color and patterns. Choose the colors that go with the style and theme of your home interior. Whether you like pastels or neutral earthy colors or want something on the brighter side, you are sure to find it all in our Large Format Tile Range. When it comes to patterns, you will have to consider whether you wish for it to be prominent on not. If you like a strong pattern, make sure you use it in an open area of your home like the living room. A bold pattern, when placed in a closed space like a bathroom, can make it look unbalanced and overwhelming. Always keep in mind that balancing the colors and patterns within your interiors is the key to creating a harmonious space.

Proportion and Size

The next crucial step while choosing large format tiles is to be sure of the proportion of your tiles and the size of the tiling area. Make sure the proportion of your selected tiles is according to the size of the area to be tiled, or else you will require a lot of cutting. The large-format tiles can be used in both small and large rooms, however, your selection must be proportional to the dimensions of the room.
We recommend that you draw a dimensioned sketch of the floorplan before visiting our showroom for selecting your tiles. The sketch will help you choose the right large format tiles in no time!
While choosing the tiles, make sure they would require the minimum amount of cuts to be placed in your available space by ensuring that the tiles you choose are in proportion with your floorplan.

Our large format tiles collection

Please take a look at our incredible collection to check for other characteristics of our large-format tiles at Encore gallery that will narrow down your decision, from pattern options and color combinations to consider, along with overall size and shape to help you get the exact style and look you are looking for.

  • Black Pulpis Collection:
    Our Black Pulpis collection of large-format tiles is high polished porcelain tiles for floors and walls that create commercial areas and a luxury living. These tiles encourage consumers with their downright scale and the same implausible beauty of natural stone slabs.
  • Terrazzo:
    The Torano collection of Encore Gallery large-format tiles makes your Chicago and USA home a real serenity piece. The Torano range is just perfect for transforming any place soothingly. These tiles are low on maintenance and bring out the versatility of design and orientation for you.
  • Duke stone:
    The duke stone collection at Encore Gallery offers large-format tiles in an aesthetically elegant yet modest way. These tiles prove that “less is more” through their decency and classy look.
  • Specchio Carrara:
    Check out the Specchio Carrara collection at Encore Gallery to choose from the modest and the most classy large-format tiles for your comfort space to make it a piece of serenity.
  • Grey Pulpis:
    Encore Gallery presents a Grey Pulpis collection to satisfy various housing and styling needs that require perfection and elegance.
  • Tender Stone:
    The Tender Stone collection from Encore Gallery is the large-format tiles inspired by the best Italian marble types. It is created using the finest quality Europian materials, designs, and manufacturing process.
  • Rust stain collection:
    Inspired by the history of contemporary architecture, the rust stain collection of Encore Gallery large-format tiles adds a rustic effect to the interior and dials up the sophistication by various notches.
  • Pietrasantra collection:
    Our large-format tiles from the Pietrasanta collection bring out a whole new marble world that looks like porcelain tiles. These tiles are offered in sizes up to 1600 x 3200 mm creating a seamless surface with maximum impact and minimum grout lines.
  • Persian tale:
    Persian Tale collection of the Encore Gallery resembles time-worn fabrics and offers a trendy look to the floors and walls in a traditional way. These large-format tiles are also used to create seamless and eye-catching walls.
  • Onis collection:
    This creamy collection from the Encore Gallery’s large-format tiles has the perfect beige shade. It can be used to add glamour and elegance to any space, making it a piece of serenity.

Color, pattern & style:

The best way to start the selection is to consider the overall look you want to get in your home and then evaluate possible pattern and color choices to help achieve this. Large-format tiles at Encore Gallery present a prominent feature in any space and strongly influence the all in all styles of your interior.

Different looks with Encore large-format tiles:

Large-format marble-look ceramic and porcelain tiles are the perfect match for a dignified home and can be admired with glass or metallic finishes. On the other hand, concrete-look ceramic or porcelain flooring creates a warm, earthy, and industrial vibe with smooth tactile textures that allow a strong sense of comfort in modern interior designs.

Wise selection:

With the Encore gallery, you can efficiently consider the tiles’ pattern, keeping in mind the place of installation, such as a large open area, living room, or kitchen. The bold colors balanced with a complimenting, solid-colored tile are all offered in our collections with the best choices so that you can perfectly balance your look to create a harmonious color scheme in your home.

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