Maciej Zień – Exclusive Event


Exclusive Event Featuring Maciej Zien and Tubadzin’s Latest Project.


This event was an great opportunity for guests to experience Zien’s latest project in partnership with Tubadzin, a leading manufacturer of high-quality tiles. The collaboration has resulted in a stunning collection of tiles that perfectly showcase Zien’s signature style and attention to detail.


What’s more, Encore Gallery’s showrooms is uniquely displaying Zien’s tile collection, providing guests with an immersive experience that highlights the beauty and versatility of the tiles.

Maciej Zien’s tile collection is a stunning example of the designer’s ability to seamlessly blend style and functionality. Zien’s distinctive aesthetic and attention to detail, offering a range of unique and versatile tiles that can elevate any space. From bold and graphic patterns to more subtle, understated designs, His tile collection reflects his passion for creating timeless, high-quality pieces that are both beautiful and practical.