Modern Wood Look Tiles


Are you looking to create serenity in your space along with a unique warmth, color, and alluring beauty? Well, our wood look porcelain flooring will achieve this.

Wood-look porcelain tile has a distinctive ability to give an elegant look to your floor and it can be used anywhere in homes. Install wood-look tiles in your bedroom, living room, and dining room, giving each space a floor finish that just looks super classic.

Encore gallery has a great collection of wood-look tiles that perfectly give you the tones and texture of original wood but the durability of the porcelain. You can use these wood look tiles in each corner of your house, making it look uber chic and super stylish.

Wood Look Floor Tile
Our high-quality, wood look tile has touchable texture for an authentic look and feel.
You can choose a wood look porcelain tile that gives the same aesthetics and appeal of natural wood but is durable and reliable with resistance to moisture and humidity.

The Modern Interior Style

If you are looking for a range of color schemes in wood look tiles; you have landed on the right page. As we have the largest collection of wood-look tiles to allow you the freedom to choose from the diverse color range and create your own modern look of the home.

Creating a modern look is very easy as you have many options of color, shapes, and textures in wood tiles. The colors range from soft greys to milky white tones to create a modern rustic look to traditional timber tones of blonde, honey, and walnut to create a classic contemporary look.

We will help you to choose wood-look-like tiles that suit your taste and style and add elegance to your home. The use of monochrome (black or white) tiles is another option to create a stylish modern or contemporary look. The actual natural wood tiles in the same color tones look good but are not scratch resistant and deteriorate with time. Our wood look porcelain tiles collection provides the best solution as they create the exact color, texture, and shade that you are looking for.

Choose the shades and texture to create dreamy looks and fulfill your vision of elegant floorings that add value and style to your home.
If you need to add a contrast between the floor, walls, and your furniture to create a unique and modern look that just looks stunning and different to the eyes? Go for encore gallery’s dark tone tiles that are black, deep brown or chocolate brown in color. These tones also create a modern interior design creating a perfect contrasting floor to match your bright color furniture and decor.
Our wood-look ceramic dark panels collection

The Benefits of Wood Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are known for their strength and durability. You can rely on the porcelain wood look tiles as these are water-proof, non-porous, and resistant to stains and scratches. The surfaces finish that these tiles create is matchless. These tiles are long-lasting and look like new for a very long period of time as they are easy to clean, maintain, and repair.

  • The natural wood does provide a rich rustic look to the floor but demands extensive care and maintenance to ensure its integrity and durability. With wood-look ceramic tiles, you are more relaxed.
    You can use these tiles anywhere in your home with no fear of early damages. Hence, all these features make the timber looking porcelain tiles a favorite choice of homes of many.
  • The porcelain tiles are very easy to maintain.  You can easily clean the tiles and remove the dirt and stains with a mop and a floor cleaner to maintain the luster of the tiles. The actual wood tiles require regular sanding and polishing to maintain their look.
  • You can use the porcelain tiles even in outdoor spaces of your homes as the tiles offer durability and easy maintenance. The tiles are resistant to water and hence are also preferred in wet areas and outdoor spaces.

With all the amazing benefits of porcelain tiles, choose Encore gallery’s wood look tiles for your home and create excellent looks and perfect colors and textures in your home.

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