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Planning A Home Build or Remodel: Different Design Approaches

Whether you are remodeling or renovating your existing home, breathing new life into your loved and lived existing home, or, considering breaking ground on a new home construction project, the design phase is crucial in achieving the home of your dreams. The design phase is the foundation of your home remodeling or home construction project, setting in motion the all-important project phases to fully realize your vision. Considerations include functionality, aesthetics, flow, process, and so much more. With so many options, how do you decide which design approach is right for you?

One of our industry partners, Hogan Design & Construction, (HDC) brings 24 years of luxurious home remodeling and home construction expertise to every project they endeavor to accept and include in their vast regional portfolio of remodeled or newly constructed homes. With quality craftsmanship, customer service excellence, and construction expertise, HDC always goes Beyond Building. We asked HDC to provide their feedback and recommendations on this blog subject, regarding different design approaches when considering a home remodel or new home build. Here’s what the pros at HDC had to say. As expected, HDC’s insight and experience are found below, setting the stage for anyone currently considering a kitchen, bath, basement remodel, new home addition, or new home construction. As a full-service design-build home remodeling firm, HDC has seen projects of all shapes and sizes, making them experts at finding the right design approach. HDC provides blog readers with four different forms of home build or home remodel design approaches, complete with a project scope strategy that helps define this critical initial project phase.

  1. Express Build:

This design approach is perfect for individuals with an established, clear vision for their space and who want to accomplish their project expeditiously. This approach starts with a remodeling estimator meeting to review your ideas and create a defined scope of work for your project. The homeowner then discusses finishing details with a project manager in order to get the project started. While this strategy allows you to finish your project the fastest, it also places a large portion of the workload onto the homeowner.

  1. Selections Assist Experience: 

This design approach is perfect for projects that are considered to be a “pull and replace.” This refers to kitchens, bathrooms, or basements that require a refresh of the existing layout, but do not result in any structural changes. This option also works very well for clients who would prefer to use their own architects or designers. This allows for a very easy step-by-step process but has limitations when it comes to design freedom since many of the selections made for your remodeling project will come from pre-set options.

  1. Tailored Design: 

This design approach is similar to the experience you would get when hiring a general contractor and not a full-service remodeling company, like HDC. A designer will meet with the client to understand their vision and needs for a space before providing layout options/ideas for a unique and personal finished product. The Tailored Design approach offers many design customization options, but can also be a longer experience with many meetings to make selections for design elements and finishes.

  1. Full Design-Build: 

Unlike any of the other design approaches, a Full-Design Build is the ultimate home design option. This Full-Design Build approach allows the homeowner to work with a dedicated designer and/or architect to develop a customized design for your space. Having the design and remodel stages both done by the same home remodeling company allows for much more efficient communication, a single place for accountability, and a truly personalized experience. While this option offers the most amount of control and customization, it also tends to be the most expensive of the design approach options.

Choosing The Right Approach

The best design approach depends on your project’s complexity, budget, and risk tolerance. With very clear advantages and disadvantages of the design approaches and options presented above, choosing the right design approach can, and often does, greatly reduce stress and make for a more enjoyable and memorable home remodeling or new home construction experience. Keep in mind, regardless of the chosen approach, clear communication and a well-defined project scope are essential for a successful outcome.

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To learn more about our collaborative partner, Hogan Design & Construction (HDC), their design-build process, home-related tips, trends, and more, please feel free to visit the HDC website which includes a growing library of remodeling checklists, blogs, portfolios, design ideas, and more. You can also follow HDC on Facebook and Instagram. To get your own project started, contact HDC today.