Art Moss

The Unique Beauty Of A Natural Moss

Innovative system for indoor vertical gardens

We pride ourselves on creating amazing, natural green spaces to work in, bridging the gap between the natural and modern world.

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Moss Walls

Moss is a biophilic element with no special environmental needs such as sunlight or watering. Its recording studio quality acoustic properties and its versatility to be used in any shape in addition to other elements such as wood or stone makes it a popular choice.

Sustainable & Maitenence-Free

These long-lasting, gardens require no water, misting or irrigation, no light and no soil, but retain a vibrant, fresh-cut look and feel for 7-10 years

Green Walls are created using all Natural Preserved Moss.

We can create texture and contrast by blending a mix of Reindeer Moss, Flat Moss, and Cushion Moss. Choose from full coverage or we can create a custom design, including paint, metal, and woodwork to match your design aesthetic. Install at home or in your place of business to create an artistic green display

We Provide Design, Installation For Interior & Exterior Moss Walls

Bring the beauty of nature inside with one of our custom designs. Moss goes with everything, and our designs can be enhanced with mixed wood, metal, and woodwork to create texture, contrast, and visual appeal. There’s no design aesthetic that we can’t complement.

Professional Services

We will help you through the entire process from design, plant selection and installation. Our team will help you choose and plan the right system for your circumstances so that you have a beautiful, thriving moss green wall for years to come.


Strict quality standards

We manufacture a range of standard products with specifications provided in for ease of use by architects.
We are constantly innovating new solutions to meet a wide range of client requirements. We use the highest quality materials and endeavor to follow a cradle to cradle philosophy in the design and manufacture of all our products.



Boost the mood, productivity and overall wellness of everyone inside through biophilic design.

Bring the outside indoors with one of our decorative displays. Our design team will advise on placement to ensure adequate humidity and low lighting. Our moss art has no need for water, light or trimming – once installed, you don’t need to do anything

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