Decorative Panels

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Kerradeco Floral Grey Forest

Grey Forest Panels are an ingenious wall decoration for interiors designed in a natural style. The serene plant motif in shades of beige and gray promotes relaxation and enhances the harmony of the space. Kerradeco panels are beautiful and durable, boasting water and damage resistance.  

Kerradeco Floral Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants wall panels are a painterly decoration that brings a calming tranquility to any interior. Horizontal panels arrange themselves into an impressive pattern of dangling plants with round leaves. Thanks to their high resistance to moisture and damage, they are suitable for all types of spaces.  

Kerradeco Floral Jungle Leaves

Jungle Leaves panels are decorated with a floral pattern - strelitzia and lily flowers, as well as calatea and fern leaves. The monochromatic pattern is an original wall decoration for interiors decorated in harmony with nature. Kerradeco panels are highly durable and waterproof, so they can be used in a variety of places.  

Kerradeco Floral Night Forest

Night Forest wall panels bring an intimate atmosphere to the interior, conducive to relaxation. The green leaves on a dark background evoke an evening stroll through the forest. This atmospheric decoration works well in interiors of various purposes, thanks to its excellent technical parameters, which are the result of innovative production technology.  

Kerradeco Geometric Cafe

Kerradeco Geometric Cafe panels will enrich the decor of any room. The geometric pattern in vibrant colors will bring positive energy into the interior. The panels can adorn a small area or a larger section of the wall. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and exceptionally durable.  

Kerradeco Geometric Confetti Balloons

Kerradeco Confetti Balloons panels are an original wall decoration in a party style. The energetic pattern attracts attention and builds an optimistic atmosphere in the interior. It creates a particularly successful duo with furniture designed in the Creative system. The panels are produced using modern technology that is environmentally friendly.  

Kerradeco Geometric Green

Geometric Green panels feature a dynamic pattern in vibrant shades of green. This modern decoration, inspired by nature, brings a breath of freshness and optimism into the interior. It pairs wonderfully with wood and plants. Kerradeco panels stand out for their exceptional properties.  

Kerradeco Geometric Houses

Geometric Houses wall panels are perfect for children's rooms and other spaces used by the youngest ones. This is all thanks to the cheerful pattern of colorful houses and their high resistance to damage and dirt.  

Kerradeco Geometric Houses Italia

Geometric Houses Italia panels offer a subdued edition of wall panels with a whimsical pattern of houses. The dynamic print in shades of beige, gray, and white fits various children's room arrangements and beyond. The unique properties of Kerradeco wall panels are their advantage. They are moisture and impact resistant, easy to install and clean.  

Kerradeco Geometric Houses Tuli

Kerradeco Geometric Houses Tuli panels are a pastel wall decoration that brings good energy into the interior. The colorful cottages in unconventional shapes stimulate children's imagination, fostering creativity. These original panels are resistant to water, impacts, and scratches.  

Kerradeco Geometric Juhu

Kerradeco Geometric Juhu panels with doodle creatures are the perfect addition to a child's bedroom or play corner. The palette of muted shades seamlessly blends into interiors decorated in various styles. These durable wall panels are not afraid of moisture, impacts, or scratches.  

Kerradeco Geometric Light

The Geometric Light panels allow for creating a light, spacious interior arrangement. They are covered in a calm motif in shades of powder blue, conducive to relaxation. Harmonious rhombuses and triangles provide a balanced backdrop for various furnishings. Kerradeco panels are made using innovative technology, ensuring their durability.  

Kerradeco Geometric Linen

Kerradeco Geometric Linen panels will find application in many arrangements. The timeless design in earthy colors will lend lightness and noble character to the space adorned with it. Its charm is accentuated by the tactile texture felt under the fingers. The resilient panels have been made using innovative technology with environmental care.  

Kerradeco Geometric Mesh

Kerradeco Geometric Cafe panels will enrich the decor of any room. The geometric pattern in vibrant colors will bring positive energy into the interior. The panels can adorn a small area or a larger section of the wall. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and exceptionally durable.  

Kerradeco Geometric Origami Birds

The Origami Birds panels feature an artistic motif inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. The aesthetic tiles add depth to the arrangement, emphasizing the harmony of the interior. Kerradeco panels stand out with excellent technical parameters. They provide durable wall finishes that are suitable for use in hallways, kitchens, or bathrooms.  

Kerradeco Textile Blue Tartan

Kerradeco Blue Tartan panels provide a cozy wall decoration. The Scottish tartan pattern in pastel shades of blue, beige, and gray warms up the interior, giving it an interesting rhythm. The textile-like character of the pattern is accentuated by the pleasant-to-touch surface. Thanks to their resistance to water and damage, the panels will perform well in the most demanding spaces.  

Kerradeco Textile Knits Beige

Kerradeco Knits Beige panels are adorned with a serene motif in beige tones, reminiscent of knitting patterns. The tightly woven fabric texture provides a cozy interior decoration. It blends perfectly with wood and natural accents. Additionally, the panels boast excellent technical parameters - they are resistant to moisture and impacts. We utilize modern technology in their production.  

Kerradeco Textile Knits Cool Grey

The Knits Cool Grey panels enchant with a fabric weave pattern of dense stitches in a cool shade of gray. Reminiscent of knitting, this motif creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior. It will work well in any arrangement dominated by cool tones. Kerradeco panels stand out for their excellent technical parameters.