Top 5 Tips on choosing the right Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Kitchen backsplash decorative tiles

Kitchen backsplash tiles are what makes everything in your kitchen come together from the cabinetry, to countertop, to wall paint, and the flooring. As the backsplash plays such a crucial role in the outlook of your kitchen, it must be given plenty of consideration whether it is about the material of the backsplash, sizing scale, or the color scheme. The following tips can help you create the perfect look for your dream kitchen:

Which Backsplash tile material should you go for?

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
Wood-look kitchen ceramic tiles – solution for the kitchen backsplash (Korzylius Collection)

You have plenty of options when it comes to the kitchen backsplash tile material, from ceramic to porcelain tiles.
Why? Because choosing the right backsplash material is very critical for your safety. For instance, if you have a gas cooktop, then you will need the minimum clearance of 7.5″ between the burner and the backsplash.

The material will need to be non-combustible for avoid any fire hazards and keep your family safe. In all these cases, porcelain has proved to be the best material. Moreover, the unlimited design and style options available in this material that are not only timeless but also budget-friendly, making it all the easier for you to make the right choice for your kitchen.
Our kitchen backsplash tiles feature timeless and classic styles along with chic and contemporary ones for you to choose from according to your taste.

What is the right Tile Size for your kitchen and Budget?

Mosaic Tiles - used for kitchen backsplash
Mosaic tiles (honey comb hexagon type)  will become one of your favorite backsplash tiles

When it comes to the size of the backsplash tiles, you will once again be encountered with countless options. From the tiny mosaic tiles to the large format tiles and decorative ones, you will be surprised at the number of options available. While deciding the tile size, consider the overall space that you need the backsplash for. This will help you in narrowing down your options. If you wish to create a luxurious and seamless look, go for Encore’s large format tiles. On the other hand, if you wish for a more simplistic yet elegant outlook, choose mosaic tiles. Another important factor to consider is your budget. If you have a low budget go for the large format tiles as their installation, maintenance, and finishing is easier compared to the mosaic tiles, which require meticulous attention to detail as well as high-quality finishing.

What Colour, Pattern, and Texture Options you have?

Kitchen backsplash decorative tiles
3D backsplash tiles elevate your kitchen design to the next level.

Then comes the most exciting part of the kitchen backsplash tile selection process – the exploring of the limitless color, pattern, and texture ranges. You have a clean canvas that you can paint according to your preference and taste. Use your freedom to create the look that you want for your dream kitchen. Bring in a personal touch to your kitchen space by choosing from our wide range, from decorative tiles, to smooth textures to unique 3D effects in various colors.
You can also introduce patterns in your kitchen with our latest collections. Go ahead and explore Encore’s website to choose the right backsplash tile colors, textures, and patterns for your kitchen that would go perfectly with your home theme.

What is the right grout type for your kitchen  backsplash?
kitchen backsplash-tile-grout

When it comes to choosing the grout/sealant for your backsplash installation, the choice will hugely depend on your budget and preference. You have two options: the traditional cement grout or the epoxy grout. The latter is fast settling and would require an experienced installer to handle. The price of epoxy is also on the higher side compared to the cement-based one.
Therefore, if you choose the epoxy grout, the installation cost would be much higher. However, the added price would pay off when it would come to the durability and finish of the product.

How to Look after Your Backsplash?

Before making your final decision, you must also take into consideration the care and maintenance of each backsplash tiles. The glass and porcelain materials are very easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a damp cloth for wiping them down and viola they would look squeaky clean. However, the natural stone tiles would require extra care on your part to avoid stains.

Let the Experts assist with your Backsplash Selection!

Backsplash ceramic tile store
Visit our showroom/tile shop

Are you looking for exceptional kitchen backsplash tiles? Encore’s hospitable and knowledgeable team would love to help you choose the right backsplash tiles for your kitchen. With us, you will get a vast range of the latest backsplash tile options to choose from and level up your kitchen outlook in a personalized way.

Starting from the tile selection according to your kitchen theme to choosing the right grout to the right tile size, we help you throughout the process so that you get the kitchen that you dreamt of.
Let the experts take over and assist you in choosing the right tiles for your kitchen according to your theme and budget.


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