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Functionality and aesthetics

Kerrafront is trouble-free to use. It requires no maintenance or colour refreshing. It is resistant to moisture, and large temperature differences - the panels will not crack or peel. With Kerrafront, your facade stays beautiful for years.

Quality and technology

The high quality of Kerrafront is guaranteed by Kerracore technology. Thanks to it, the panels are distinguished by their high density and homogeneity. This in turn translates into their mechanical resistance and dimensional stability.

Simple installation

The low weight of the panels, the large coverage area, the built-in locks, the matching finishes and the factory-made mounting holes make installation easy. Once installed, the system components do not need to be secured or sealed.



Kerrafront cladding is a product with a number of unique features. This includes not only eye-catching aesthetics, but also very good technical parameters and unique functional features.

Natural wood imitation

Water resistance

Easy installation

Enables facade ventilation

Maintenance free

Lightweight without burdening the structure

High impact resistance

100% recyclable



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