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Laminate Panels


Universal use

Fronto Max is a product that offers many design possibilities. The panels can be mounted both on the wall and the ceiling, vertically or horizontally, or combined with other VOX façade panels. They will work well on the entire building or as a single accent on the façade.

Quality and technology

The three-layer technology used in the production of Fronto Max means that the panels combine high mechanical and thermal resistance with the capabilities of the polymer material in terms of shape, colour and structure. At the same time, they are convenient and easy to install, do not corrode during use, do not peel, do not tarnish and do not require special care.

Practical and beautiful

Fronto Max is a durable and highly aesthetically pleasing alternative to the beautiful but regularly maintenance-intensive wood panelling. From a wide range of light and dark woodgrain decors, you can select panels for any façade design.



Fronto panels are manufactured using the innovative Max-3 technology thanks to which they are extremely resistant to impacts and large temperature fluctuations. Slat panels look nice and modern, they are also waterproof, lightweight, maintenance-free, as well as quick and easy to install.

Natural wood imitation

Water resistance

Easy installation

Horizontal or vertical installation possible

Maintenance free

Installation possible on walls or ceilings

High impact resistance

100% recyclable

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