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Laminate Panels


Improved acoustics

With Linerio panels, you can separate your private retreat from outside sounds. The high-quality material with a spatial structure will eliminate reverberation and echo in the room. It will help to soundproof your bedroom or home office. The lamella wall will also be an ideal addition to an entertainment corner such as a TV wall.


Linerio panels are fully waterproof, can be in constant contact with moisture and are ideal for bathroom arrangements. Reaching from floor to ceiling, they will optically enlarge a small space. Narrower ones will be a striking addition to a small bathroom, while wider ones will take care of the balance in an elegant bath room.

Beautiful and practical

Linerio panels offer real freedom of arrangement. They are available in three lamella widths: S, M and L and seven colours. They can be freely combined and can be arranged at different angles - on walls or ceilings. Thanks to the combination of unique aesthetic features and technical characteristics, Linerio is also suitable for more demanding interiors, such as hallways and bathrooms.



Thanks to a harmonious blend of unique aesthetic characteristics and advanced technical properties, Linerio panels provide true freedom in design and layout. These panels allow for versatile decorating options, catering to both creative aspirations and practical requirements.

Acoustic insulation

Water resistance

UV resistance

Light weight

Safe for contact with food

100% recyclable

Versatile Linerio Panels

Linerio panels will give any interior a unique character. The final effect depends on the choice of one of three lines—S, M, or L—which differ in the width and depth of the slats as well as in colors. The shades of Natural, Natural Black, Mocca, and Chocolate, as well as White, Grey,


We know that the more talented people, the more great ideas. That's why in the Development Department we often work in teams on our collections. We invite talented designers such as Katsiaryna Birukova and Lidia Galica to join us in our creative explorations. In this way, thoughts and needs materialise into beautiful and useful products.


Narrow slats are perfect for small spaces—they visually heighten the room and add a touch of subtlety to the interior.


Medium-width slats meet the challenges in any space. They protect walls in hallways just as well as they decorate living rooms.


Deep and wide slats are best suited for large walls in spacious interiors. It's hard to remain indifferent next to such a striking decoration.



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