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Our wood-looking tile collection has the visual characteristics of wood that is suitable for all areas of the family home



Every wood-look tile we stock has a stunningly intricate finish, being almost identical to the natural product but with all of the practicality of a tile. Because these tiles do not require special laying or maintenance, they are better than natural wood floor!

With modern manufacturing processes, tiles that look like natural wood floors are now readily available. Their growing popularity makes these on-trend and very low maintenance tiles ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

Whether you need a the perfect tile for your home. Seek out our help to choose your next wood tiles, floor tiles, and concrete look tiles. We are more than happy to assist with choosing the right textures and colors to suit your home or outdoor area, and are committed to getting you into the best version of your home.


Nature has an aversion to limitations.
It dazzles with a multitude of forms and an infinite number of brilliant solutions. We draw on nature as much as we can; our tiles inspired by wood are delightful and symbiotic with any material,
texture and interior.

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If your home is Contemporary, Traditional, Retro Vintage or Global Fusion, our wide selection of timber look tiles of all designs and finishes will offer you the perfect solution.

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We carry one of the largest collections of large format premium, low maintenance tiles in the Chicago area.

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