Your Guide to Choosing the Right Tiles

different types of tiles

Are you planning a home up-gradation project? Are you overwhelmed by the choices you are presented with when you go tile shopping? Do you need to know the right tile type and size to choose for the different parts of your home? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ you must dive into our guide that will answer all your tile queries and help you make the right decision when choosing the tiles. Let’s dive right in!

Howto Choose the Right Tiles – Important Factors to consider

Here are a few factors to consider while making the tile selection:

1. Budget

The next important factor to consider is your budget! Your budget is what decides it all. But when you know your budget, you can make better and informed choices. For instance, if you have a limited budget for your bathroom remodeling, you can choose the cost-effective matte or gloss tiles for the walls and spend a bit more on the floor as the quality of floor tiles can’t be compromised.
Making an informed decision according to your budget will not only make your project efficient but your space aesthetic as well.

2. Grout Color

Tile Grout Color
Grout color has a meaningful impact on the appearance of the finished tile.
The grout color is an important aspect to consider in the tile selection process as it affects the aesthetic immensely. Whether you want the grout to be blended with the tiles or want it to stand out as a contrast might make all the difference. Grout colors have evolved hugely over the recent decade, and finding the perfect shade for your theme shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Explore the mold-resistant and waterproof options as well.


Indulge in some research. Log on to Pinterest and get some ideas and inspiration for your remodeling project. Save the tile images you like and highlight the tile colors, designs, and samples that interest you. Knowing your space and its dimensions can help you in the research. You can even create a layout according to the ideas and samples you love. A little research can go a long way as it gives you a clear idea of what you want and hence narrows down your choices.

4. Feature Tiles – Choose Wisely

beautiful eye catching feature tiles
If you’re looking for stunning wall tiles, you’ve come to the right place…
If you want to create a focal point in your remodeling project so that whenever someone enters the room, it catches their eyes, then features tiles are what you need. These decorative tiles are particularly ideal for bathroom projects as they bring instant charm. However, if you choose to add a feature wall to your room, make sure to keep the rest of the walls simple so that everything is in balance. You will have a plethora of decorative or contemporary tiles to choose from, so choose the one that is in coherence with your home’s theme and personality.
Don’t go after something blindly just because it is trendy as it may not blend with your home’s personality and may imbalance the elements completely.

See also our contemporary tiles collection including bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles.

5. Seamless Look with Large Format Tiles

Large Format Ceramic Tiles
Large-format tiles can be used in any area of your home
If you are looking for a unified and impeccable look, then large format tiles may be the right choice for you. You can even choose the rectified large format tiles, which have narrower joints than usual to help you create the ultimate seamless look. However, you will need a very expert tile installer for getting these tile slabs installed as they require skill and experience to achieve the best results.

6. Types of Tiles

Last but not least, don’t feel overwhelmed by the countless tile types available in the market. Porcelain, natural stone, ceramic, glass – just a few of the tile types are enough to throw you off the tracks. But not anymore, we have brought you all the major tile types along with significant points to consider to help you make an informed decision while choosing your tiles.

Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Hand Made, and Glass. Types of Tiles Explained

1.Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are made using feldspar and very dense clay. The manufacturing process involves firing these materials at very high temperatures, which results in amazing properties of the tiles like scratch resistance, low water absorption, and easy maintenance. These properties make the porcelain tiles suitable for both floors and walls and well and splashbacks. Moreover, porcelain tiles are very durable, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects.

Porcelain Tiles -Explained

Why Choose Porcelain Tiles?

  • These tiles have outstanding durability, which makes them exceptionally resistant to heavy impacts and stresses.
  • When glazed, the porcelain tiles are amazingly water-resistant, making them perfect for installation in wet areas to avoid slippage.
  • These tiles can also be incorporated with anti-slip properties for external uses.
  • When glazed, the porcelain tiles don’t even require to be sealed and can be maintained and cleaned easily with common cleaning products.
  • The cutting-edge digital art technology has made it possible for the porcelain tiles to mimic the effect of natural products such as brick, marble, timber, etc., perfectly. So, you get the durability of porcelain and the look of your favorite natural product.
  • Their fire-resistant nature makes the fire restriction possible in case a fire breaks out.

Points to Consider choosing Porcelain Tiles

  • The outstanding premium quality of these tiles does come at a price, though. Since these tiles are expensive compared to their ceramic counterparts and are harder to cut, you may want to consider your budget before choosing these tiles.
  • Porcelain tiles are now available in large formats as well, but as they are much heavier, their installation is very difficult. Go for an expert installer if you choose the large format porcelain tiles for your project.
  • While purchasing the porcelain tiles, invest in an extra box so that if you have to remove and replace them in the future, you don’t have the issue of color matching.

2. Ceramic Tiles

Tile selection is among the most crucial choices you will come across while building your home or remodeling it. There are several factors to consider like:

  • Whether you need the tiles for your walls or a high traffic floor area
  • Is the area prone to moisture as in the bathroom/kitchen?
  • Do you need these tiles for outdoor or indoor?

Ceramic-Tiles explained

As tiles are a valuable investment that you would want to last long, it is imperative to choose the right ones according to your application. This is where ceramic tiles come in. these tiles are made from either white natural clay or red ones. These tiles are then glazed over the face to add the desired pattern and colors. Finally, the tile is fired at a very high temperature to bake as well as remove the water from it.
The ceramic tiles are perfect for the walls and also suitable for floor surfaces with light to moderate foot traffic. These tiles are fire, and stain-resistant, and their patterns don’t fade even in sunlight. Moreover, these tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As these tiles are softer, they are comparatively easier to install. When compared to porcelain, ceramic tiles begin to chip and wear over time and are not so suitable for the floors.

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles?

  • You can get the ceramic tiles printed with trending patterns in your favorite colors, textures, and tones as the advanced tile technology has now made it all possible!
  • The 3D technology sets the ceramic tiles apart with innovative designs and impressive textures.
  • The ceramic tiles are very durable and can last for as long as 20 years if installed by experts.
  • The glazed ceramic tiles make the ideal choice for wet floor areas like kitchen, laundry, and bathroom as they are water-resistant.
  • Their cleaning and maintenance are very easy and simple and involve just using some water-based products for cleaning.
  • These tiles are easier to cut when compared to porcelain and hence easier to install.
  • The ceramic tiles don’t promote the growth of fungus and bacteria; hence your indoor air quality will not be compromised. Moreover, these tiles are involved in the absorption or release of any contaminants.
  • The ceramic tiles are less expensive when compared with porcelain.
  • The ceramic tiles can now be made in large formats for seamless looks. But their installation requires an expert tile contractor for better results.

Points to Consider choosing Ceramic Tiles

  • The ceramic material is known to be the most eco-friendly building material ever!
  • Although durable, ceramic tiles can break over time. However, the broken tile can be easily removed and replaced using grout.

3. Natural Stone Tiles

Next on our list is the natural stone, which never seems to go out of vogue. Plus, there is something very characteristic and special when it comes to the color variations as well as the distinctive patterns of these tiles. From marble to concrete, from bluestone to terrazzo, these natural stone tiles can give your project a lavish look that is very difficult to beat.

Natural Stone Tile - Tile

Why Choose Natural Stone Tiles?

  • No two natural stone tiles look alike, which makes them a very unique and trendy choice.
  • The variations of tones, natural veining, and even the fossil inclusions all enhance the beauty of these tiles. Plus, they are available in a huge array of patterns, colors, and formats to choose from.
  • Not only that, these tiles change color and pattern with the passage of time, which makes them even more unique.
  • These tiles can be used in all parts of your home, both indoor and outdoor.

Points to Consider choosing Natural Stone Tiles

  • An important point to consider here is that these tiles require constant sealing. And even when sealed, you can avoid them getting stains from harsh products like red wine, curry, etc. If you accidentally spill anything on these tiles, it is recommended to clean them right avoid to prevent permanent staining.
  • You can use only mild non-acidic cleaners for these tiles.
  • These tiles require a lot of labor to be produced and hence are very expensive.

4. Handmade Tiles

If you are looking for the ultimate distinctiveness in tiles, then you must go for the handmade tiles. The baking process can yield unique characteristics that make these tiles outstanding. From glaze variations to the imperfection of edges, from contrasting colors to abstract patterns, the handmade tiles bring the ultimate beauty to your home with their exceptionality. This unparalleled beauty simply can’t be replicated through any machine.
Handmade natural home made tiles

Why Choose Handmade Tiles?

  • If you wish to create an impressive visual impact, then you must go for the handmade tiles. Not only can you choose from a vast range of colors, designs, and patterns, but you can also get them custom-designed just for your home.
  • These tiles bring the ultimate individuality to your home that can’t be achieved with any of the factory-made products.
  • Easy to maintain with a mild cleaner. It can be used for feature walls, splashbacks, and walls.

Points to Consider choosing Handmade Tiles

  • These tiles would obviously cost you a lot more than the factory-made tiles.
  • You will have to get these tiles made, so you will have to provide with enough lead time.
  • If you choose to get the unglazed handmade tiles, you will have to get them sealed regularly to maintain them.

5.  Glass Tiles

Last on our list is the glass tiles that are perfect if you wish to create a lasting visual impact that is not only distinctive but also luxurious. Not only do you get infinite pattern possibilities when you chose these tiles, but you can also get them custom-made using any pattern or even your own images. You can also get your hands on the glass mosaics in vibrant colors for some exquisite display in your home.

SPecial Glass Tiles - high quality

Why Choose Glass Tiles?

  • Get your hands on the glass mosaics if you are looking to add a striking visual impact to your space.
  • You get to choose from a wide range of patterns, colors and can even get them customized.
  • The glass mosaic varieties can be used in swimming pools to create an outstanding effect. These mosaics are now available in sheets as well, which makes their installation effortless.

Points to Consider choosing Glass Tiles

  • Don’t consider them for the floors unless it is a low-foot traffic area.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth for cleaning and maintaining your glass mosaics and tiles.
  • They are costly than porcelain and ceramic tiles and are high maintenance, so choose them wisely.

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